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January 12, 2023

QHP Capital Invests in COPILOT

COPILOT Receives New Strategic Investment from QHP Capital

About US

COPILOT was founded in 2010 to serve as a specialized reimbursement HUB

COPILOT provides the life-science market with an advanced healthcare technology platform designed to power customized reimbursement HUB services. Through partnerships with bio-pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, COPILOT designs individualized programs that support patient access to therapy.

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Our Achievements

What we do

COPILOT achieves industry leading results for its clients


Accuracy of benefit investigations


Of medical & pharmacy BI’s completed same day

Ranked #1

Based on independent pharma survey


Physician portal usage across all programs

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When Success Matters - Trust COPILOT


As a charitable extension of COPILOT, COPILOT Cares has the foundational underpinning to accomplish larger goals while being agile enough to really make a difference in small communities. COPILOT Cares, spearheaded by Dr. Moby Kazmi, is a charitable initiative that selects projects to support that will make a palpable difference in the lives of those in need.

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