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Increased Speed to Therapy by Removing Burdens on Providers.

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HUB Services

Whether you are attempting to improve your current reimbursement program or initiate a new product launch, CoPilot’s unique service options provide customizable, high-touch solutions.
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At the heart of CoPilot’s services exists an industry-leading reimbursement support solution that takes your basic services to the next level.

  • Customized workflows to achieve desired program outcomes
  • White labeled materials and portals for consistent branding
  • Dedicated expert teams display product and program expertise
  • Ongoing program and process improvements for changing markets

Dedicated Call Center Support

Our product-specific reimbursement personnel are experts on current purchasing channels, reimbursement rates, and billing processes.

Benefit Determinations

  • Medical or Pharmacy Benefit - CoPilot’s case managers will handle cases featuring medical and or pharmacy benefit designation. Our agents are professional and committed to providing the best service possible.
  • Run Benefits for Multiple Products - CoPilot’s team has experience doing benefits investigations for a wide range of therapies, from high cost specialty therapies to less intensive treatments, and even DME’s.
  • Submission Methods - Cases can be sent to CoPilot via fax, portal submission, or Electronic Prescription, whichever is preferred

Financial Assistance

  • Copay Card Programs – CoPilot manages customized manufacturer sponsored copay card programs, including eligibility determinations and fulfillment
  • PAP – From application tracking, to exclusions, to fulfillment, CoPilot can manage an entire Patient Assistance Program on your behalf.
  • Foundational Support - CoPilot agents will exhaust all available resources to help gain patients access.

Denials Appeals Assistance

  • Consistent Success - We boast a denial rate under 1%, and a denials team that consistently achieves over an 88% success rate for appeals across all programs.
  • Escalation - CoPilot agents will handle appeals through all levels of the process, ensuring the patient has the best chance of receiving their therapy.
  • HCP Assistance - Copilot agents will assist providers in resubmitting prior authorizations or developing letters of medical necessity.

Prior Authorization

  • Thanks to our proprietary aggregation of PA libraries, our team can work with providers to complete the PA process before other solutions even realize a PA is required.
  • Customized PA libraries for both Medical and Pharmacy benefits increase turnaround times as well as accuracy.
  • Complete PA support from form provisioning, clinical data collection, form transcription, submission, and follow up removes the PA burden from Providers allows for more focus on patient care.


CoPilot provides an end-to-end technology solution capable of managing all components of product access, while maintaining the flexibility to fill individual program needs.
  • Customized Reporting
  • Mobile Applications
  • API Connectivity
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User Friendly Portals

  • Patient
  • Provider
  • Manufacture
  • Pharmacy

Pharmacy Management

Whether managing a closed SP network, open retail, or full co-op, CoPilot will assist with Rx fulfillment.
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  • Prescription Triage
  • Real-time Status Updates
  • Direct Data Feeds
  • Outcome Determinations


Accurate and meaningful data, delivered in real-time
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  • Data Management
  • Customizable Fields & Reports
  • Test Claims


Salesdoor CRM is a unique Customer Relationship Management solution specifically designed for specialty pharmacy, pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry. Having vast practical experience in specialty pharmacy services, we have created a CRM that is designed to fit your needs.

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A system that can adopt your unique workflows seamlessly and doesn’t require complex configurations to get started.

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Salesdoor is specifically designed and build for companies who need to engage physicians and medical staff to sell products and services

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Our integrated outreach tools are the key to a stronger relationship with your new and existing clients.

Check our salesodoor application.


Field Support

CoPilot is an extension of your brand

Dedicated Personnel

HCP Support & Training

Field Force Support

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CoPilot team members meet weekly to discuss program management details, and to stay up to date on industry trends to be as efficient as possible in benefits determination and prior authorization completion

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In-services are available to fully acquaint your team with CoPilot practices and methodology to reach maximum program efficiency