Our Expertise

Dedication and commitment to all different types of stakeholders.

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Providing services and technology to support a variety of users across the entire healthcare industry.
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Specialty Pharmacy Experience

Allowing seamless fulfillment and patient support through specialty, retail, and our partner pharmacies

Origins with Specialty Pharmacy

CoPilot was founded with specialty pharmacy in mind. Built from the ground up to accompany the needs of specialty pharmaceuticals, navigating this complicated field is what we were made to do.

Specialty Pharmacy Triage and Integration

We are able to triage prescriptions to our sister pharmacy, CareMed Specialty Pharmacy, or to whichever pharmacy you designate as the principal one for your program.

Integrated Pharmacy Software

We make use of Intelligent Pharmacy Software to keep track of drug prices. We can integrate all of our digital systems with an SP to ensure the most seamless experience possible.

Program Transition

CoPilot has assumed control of a number of on-going programs and understands the hurdles that accompany assuming control. We have the bandwidth, flexibility, and experience in our people, processes and platforms which help ensure you wont miss a beat with your clients and patients.

Real-life Case Study

  • This case study shows how CoPilot was able to increase volume and sales after taking over the program from a previous vendor.
  • Portal utilization increased while maintaining over 95% same-day benefit turnaround times and providing consistent accurate benefits throughout.

Keys For Transition

  • Legacy data transition
  • Increased Staffing
  • Efficient Account setup
  • Consistent Messaging
  • Flexibility

Case Study: Revitalizing a HUB Program to Drive Growth

Transition case study